Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last summer I painted a bunch of frames I got at thrift stores or on sale super cheap and hung all these photos up.

I liked the look, but really hated that pesky light switch.

Who puts a light switch in the middle of a wall anyway?

Then we took family pictures in the fall and I painted one more frame.

I decided to rearrange the pictures and add one to the mix.

I figured I could disguise that light switch if I tried.

Close up. . .

Much better.


  1. Oh, you clever little ducky! I thought "how's she going to turn that light on with a picture hanging in front of it?" I should have know!

  2. Gee, you're gooder Mrs. McDonald!

  3. Hi! Just found you via Tie On On (GREAT apron BTW) but this, this is GENIUS!

  4. I've decorated switch plates before, but this is ingenious!

  5. I love how you framed the light switch! stinkin cute.