Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is what our fireplace looked like when we moved in.
Dark. .flat. .boring.

I needed a BIG something to hang up there to break up all that darkness and add dimension.
I also wanted some sort of mantel.
I found those two posts at Bargain Town for $5 each.

I hated the brass on the surround so I spray painted it.
In the house.

Doesn't that look better?

Then I gave Travis some supplies and instructions.
After fighting a not so straight board and some paint we finally ended up with this.

I think it needs an old clock on the left side.


  1. you are so creative. you made that funky little space so so so so much better! i like the photo with your purse in it! i once took the blades off our ceiling fan, well, my husband did, and we i them this cool blue wood stain color, because the oak color they were bugged me so much. your painting over that brass reminded me of that. i just found you through the tie one on gallery. i love that apron you made too!