Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love You Twinkie

Apparently I ruined my son's life today. He wanted to take a sack lunch to school today instead of having school lunch. Fine. He BEGGED me for a twinkie. I said no, you already have a rice krispy treat in there with your sandwich and chips. I packed up his lunch and while he was in the other room I grabbed a twinkie, wrote "love you" on it with a sharpie, threw it in and closed up the bag. Apparently that's where I messed up royally. When I asked him this evening if he noticed his surprise in his lunch he burst out crying and said "Ya, thanks a lot!" and stormed off into the bathroom. I guess "ALL the boys saw it" and were making fun of him. I guess I'll have to be more sneaky if I ever decide to try that again.

How come sweet little boys have to grow up so fast?