Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anne (with an e)

I bought this really cute new apron from The Secret Stitch Shop on etsy.

Here was the listing. . . . .

Anne (with an e) Apron in Red and Black

You know that scene in Anne of Green Gables where she is dared to walk the ridge pole of Moody's barn? And she falls and hurts her ankle? Have you ever noticed that adorable apron she is wearing? I recently did and was instantly inspired to make this darling little number.This is the perfect apron for any hardworking woman (whether its hard work inside or outside of the home). With long ties that stay secure all day long and deep pockets to hold whatever you may need to keep close by (phone, ipod, pacifier, timer), this apron does it all. And keeps you looking adorable all at the same time. This apron is perfect for any body shape and all fabric has been pre-washed to shrinkage will be minimal.

Hello my bosom friend. Have I ever noticed the apron?! Of course. I've also happened to notice lots of other covet-worthy aprons in the other two Anne movies and the Road to Avonlea series. There are so many! There's also a few dresses I wouldn't mind having either - but I don't think I have anywhere to wear those, so aprons are a bit more practical for me. Anyway I LOVED the apron when it arrived! I have been wearing it ALL the time. Yesterday I decided try to make one myself. I think it turned out all right.

Secret Stitch Shop's apron

The apron I made

The secret stitch version has 2 pockets and they are lined in the contrasting fabric. Mine only has one pocket and it is lined in the same fabric.

I think I'm going to try to repurpose a skirt I bought at Value Village into one of these aprons. We'll see how it goes.

wish me luck. . .

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  1. GOOD LUCK MANDY! Your apron turned out super cute! If you find any patterns or listings for the super long, full front, wrap around, prarie style aprons let me know!